I’ll sit through yours if you sit through mine

I’ll sit through yours if you sit through mine

Is PowerPoint for lousy presenters?  How many have died in a PowerPoint presentation?

Your “Death by PowerPoint” stance only lasts until you have to present. Then PowerPoint is cool and they must sit through your presentation because you had to sit through theirs!

But PowerPoint is not the problem.  The MicroSoft PowerPoint app makes your presentation so much sharper and better today through the PC, Mac, tablet or phone.

The problem is often the presenter.

“The PowerPoint presentation should only provide visual reinforcement of what is being said.  A powerful story has far more impact than the slides.  And the presenter is more animated than the presentation can be.  In most instances, the audience is buying you – they need to sense your passion, your commitment, your experience, your expertise.  They have to like you – difficult if they’re looking at the back of your head the whole time,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Gary says that informational or training presentations may well require more content on the slides but says that the emphasis should still be on the presenter, not the presentation.

“The presenter needs to excite the audience, get them wanting to absorb new information. The PowerPoint presentation should never become a detailed manual. One can hand out leaflets or brochures or simply refer the audience to web links to reinforce the learning,” says Gary.

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