Guzzle & Wolf

Brand Strategy, Corporate ID, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Name Generation, Packaging Design, Website Design and Development

The makers of Sweet Temptations Toffees decided to expand their portfolio and create a delicious range of gourmet popcorn. They commissioned us to create the brand from the bottom up.


We started our journey by thinking about the process of eating popcorn. How you start out by eating piece by piece, and then gradually lose your sense of decorum and start shoveling it down in handfuls, dropping kernels in your lap, down your top and inevitably on the ground. This is how we came up with the name Guzzle & Wolf. You guzzle it up and wolf it down.


We continued on our path by designing a vintage inspired logo and some bright and colourful packaging. There are two patterns used on the packaging. One is used for savoury flavours and one is used for sweet flavours. We created a promotional box packed with all the flavours in mini to send to bloggers and social media influencers.


The box was a big hit, we then held weekly competitions on Facebook and Instagram for people to win the box and that went down fantastically well on Social Media too.