Pull & Push in 2020

Pull & Push in 2020

Pull & Push in 2020

Pull & push. Brand & Marketing. 
Even in large companies, people still tend to confuse brand and marketing. If you confuse the two, your budget becomes a little schizophrenic and wasted. 

Marketing is a left brain, structured and linear discipline. What product are you going to put into what place at what price and how are you going to promote it. Tangible, real and logical. It is a push approach. 

Brand however is a right brain. Creative, imaginative, intuitive and intangible. It really is about what people think when they hear or see your name. It is an emotional connection. 

In a nutshell, marketing is what you do while branding is who you are. 
Only when enough people start saying or feeling the same or similar things about you, can you say that you are close to the holy grail of becoming a brand. As opposed to the push of marketing, your brand provides the pull. 

Is one more important than the other? 
Well, imagine people connecting with and falling in love with Nike, Apple or BMW but they then find a disconnect in pricing and are uncertain about where or how to buy the product. 

Brand and marketing have to live comfortably alongside each other. When the two disciplines fail to integrate, you get what one calls the brand gap where your budget falls into a deep chasm. 

A brand is not touchy-feely or fluffy. 
Far from it. Apart from the excel spreadsheet, the brand is arguably the greatest business tool known. Picture five products all with similar prices and slightly different features. How do people choose between the different options? What is it about your company, product or service that really connects with what certain people are looking for or aspiring to? We find that in most cases, it is not the obvious or what your website or brochure presents to the world. So why would you spend a lot of money telling people why you are the same as your competitors? 

Branding is the sharpest of tools for building a competitive advantage. In the crowded and noisy digital space, your brand needs to have clear meaning and differentiate you.


Gary Hendrickse 
CEO Sherpa 
January 2020.

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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