Running with Marathon

Running with Marathon

We were delighted to have helped the Marathon team to craft and launch their new brand. Marathon is a firm of management consultants. Their business model is pretty unique and the new name, following a management buy-out, needed to portray:

  • the fact that there are no short cuts in business
  • effective consulting relationships are not built overnight
  • building a sustainable business requires fitness, skill, resilience and often skilled support and coaching
  • the entrepreneur, Marathon’s target market, is a very special individual who often accomplish the extraordinary

After an extensive brand DNA process, month’s were spent brainstorming names that perfectly identified with what Marathon was all about and identified most closely with the target market. Out popped Marathon! A no-brainer but, as they say, overnight success is the result of months or years of slog.

On to the strap line.

At a loose brainstorm with the Marathon team, somebody said: “Let’s go”. And so the strap line was born. Entrepreneurs are often alone, they get tired and sometimes wonder how they’ll get to the finishing line, even though they have no doubt that they’ll get there. Imagine this state of mind and somebody who has traveled the road comes along with a gentle but confident encouragement of “Let’s go”.

What about a neat symbol?

Maybe, maybe not. Nah!

We simply reversed the of Marathon and Let’s go to signify the different, fresh, out of the box thinking and Marathon’s approach to management consulting. Otherwise, the feel is clean, crisp, simple, modern.

It was a privilege to have worked with the Marathon team in creating their new brand and we are as proud as Alwyn and his team at what has emerged.

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Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa
February 2010

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