The weird thing about services marketing

The weird thing about services marketing

There are many reasons why services marketing is so tough, amongst others:

  • services are intangible
  • defining quality is difficult
  • the high level of trust and faith needed
  • ironically, many companies in the service industry are more focused on internal processes which make their own lives easier
  • equally strange, services companies are seldom sales-driven
  • it’s not easy to conjure up the level of passion needed to sustain service excellence

So let’s look at what you CAN do to create a leadership position in the services sector.

First, let’s distinguish between services or even features which QUALIFY and those that DIFFERENTIATE you.

Qualifying services are your ticket to the game and everybody knows that you and your competitors offer these services.

Is it not a little odd that one spends a marketing budget telling people that you are the same as everybody else in your sector?

You need to differentiate.

Now we’ll work through what you need to think about in order to clearly differentiate your company.

In business banking, which one of A or B will prove to be more compelling to a business owner?

Which Business Bank would you choose?

Looking at an Accounting firm, which will appeal more to a business owner?

B wins hands down again!


In both instances, A is concentrating on their qualifying services. However, B focused on how they could make the world a better place for business owners. They figured out what keeps business owners awake at night. Critically, they saw their qualifying services as tickets to the game but not the end game.

What are the benefits for the B’s out there?

  • spend less time and money trying to sell what everybody knows, allowing differentiation to spread positive word of mouth
  • earn fees on both qualifying services AND on services that really matter to their clients
  • gain an enviable brand position as a company which understands businesses more than others, a go-to company

In an environment where every company is using online platforms to promote themselves, it has never been more important to differentiate your business clearly.

Contact Gary Hendrickse to help you to differentiate your business and leave the competition behind.

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