Sell your people in 2018

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Sell your people in 2018

We spend a lot of time pitching products and services, but what about selling your people?

As brand strategists, we’re very aware that processes shape brands. A process determines quality, consistency etc. But we also know that people shape processes.

Maybe, we need to start talking about our people when we pitch in 2018. It might just switch the pitch your way.

Here’s why:
  • Businesses are always looking for quality and consistency as an experience.
  • As mentioned, it is generally your people who provide the customer experience.
  • So, show that prospect why your people can best deliver the desired experience.
Start by making a list of the “features” of your people, some being:
  • Years of experience, qualifications;
  • Training programmes;
  • Recognition awards;
  • Testimonials from clients;
  • Structures which enable employee performance; and,
  • Examples of when they’ve gone above and beyond.

In a competitive pitch process, you’ve just introduced an unfair advantage. For example, your competitor might pitch a lame, tired feature such as “excellent client service”.

You can say:

“I’d like to briefly talk to you about our people. This will give you a good sense of who you’ll be dealing with and you’ll also understand how we’re able to meet our service delivery promises.”

If you’d like your prospect to think “I-like-them-I–think-I-can-work-with-them”, talk to Sherpa now.

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