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Having designed and developed countless websites over the years, we revisited our company values, brand values and differentiators before starting on our own new SHERPA website.

This is where we landed.

Company Values.

There are about fifteen company values used most frequently. Words on a wall. We had a look around to see how iconic brands were presenting their company values and liked Google’s approach of making ‘words on a wall’ more relatable and inspiring. This is what our team believes in:

  • Stretch, stretch, stretch!
  • Challenge and empower.
  • Look beyond what you see.
  • Be your client.
  • Can do.

Brand values.

Was there a link between what we want to mean to our clients, how they see us, and what they see in themselves? To answer the first question, we looked through client endorsements gathered over the years. We then looked at ourselves, and how we do things. These are the common denominators:

  • Perceptive
  • Incisive
  • Inspiring
  • Challenging

How our clients see us and how we see them is a tight match. We had walked our brand talk.


Whenever we land a new client, we ask why they had chosen us. The ‘reasons why’ did not happen overnight but emerged over time as we carefully constructed BRAND SHERPA, understanding that we cannot mean all things to all people.

  • A small agency with big skills. We wanted to retain intimacy – internally and externally – but resourced the business with top skills. Less is more.
  • Trusted by the best. Small maybe, but with clients who are acknowledged leaders in the public, REIT, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, legal, energy, and technology sectors.
  • No filters. Our clients have access to all SHERPA’S but deal directly with an Executive Director. Nothing gets lost in translation between client, account manager, and studio.
  • Deeper than surface level. Working in diverse sectors, we need relevant insights. We read extensively about our clients’ sectors, and any macro factors which may impact them. We like to feel what our clients feel.

Redesigning our website and refreshing our brand took some time but it gave us an opportunity to review our brand and confirm or reimagine what we mean to our clients, and how we’d like to position SHERPA in the market.


Gary Hendrickse

SHERPA brand and design offers brand strategy, graphic design and digital marketing services to ambitious and brave clients. A Cape Town-based brand and design agency, SHERPA’s key accounts are found in Gauteng and increasingly offshore.