The Evolution of Logo Design

The Evolution of Logo Design

More is expected now of Logos than has ever been before. The modern Logo has many faces, all of which need to identify with the brand behind it. So what makes a good logo in the modern app-driven era that we are currently in?

It used to be enough to brand something with purely a name or initials –just enough for people to know where your product came from. Globalisation however, has meant that Logos needed to convey characteristics about the brand they represent, so that consumers who were unaware of the product previously, could relate to the brand behind it. Then came the internet and smartphones and all this changed again.

Logos that have stagnated, are no longer as valuable as they were 5 years ago, this is because the digital world plays with different rules (in terms of design) to the physical world.

It’s faster, easier and sometimes more overwhelming than any printed document could be.

This means that logos that are featured in this space need to accommodate for this. In digital media, logos have even less “face time” than ever before and this means a strong branded impact is highly important when anyone interacts with any facet of your brand. Brand recognition and equity are possibly the most important factors in business moving forward, with more people moving to online purchasing, trusting purely in the brands they choose to deliver quality products without them having to inspect the goods first hand.

So that begs the question, what makes a good logo? A good logo is one that is conceptually driven to deliver greater impact upon first impression. It is also constructed so that it (-or has variations to) make full use of all different types of media, irrespective of context (i.e. if you have an app or mobisite, your logo needs to make as much impact as it does in print). Excellent construction is also critically important. Lettertype and kerning are of crucial importance in a good logo, the designer will ensure that none of the letters in your logotype collide or drift away in resizing. Lastly, the design. A good logo relies on a strong, relevant concept to get the biggest impression out of its viewers, thus maximising the impact of your brand.

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