Sherpa’s new logo

New Sherpa Logo

Sherpa’s new logo

So why did we change our logo? And what’s the meaning?

We briefed our senior designer Wayde some months ago, giving him freedom to deliver something that represented the essence of Sherpa’s brand.   And then we took a step back and measured his creative response only against the brief.  Tough ask.

What was it that we promised our clients?

That they’d stand out and be found. Simple. Stand out. Be found.

Now this doesn’t mean that all of our clients have to change their colours to in-your-face, bright red. It just means that Sherpa’s logo needed to reflect more clearly what job we must do for our clients, what it was that we should mean to them.

You’ll also note that the “A” in Sherpa is slightly larger than the rest of the letters.

It’s the most important aspect of building a brand.

The tent in base camp before the brave mountaineering entrepreneurs – our clients – head off to tackle and summit their Everest.  That’s where the climbers plan, feed and make sure they’ve got everything they need for the climb of their life.

That’s where the brand takes shape.

Gary Hendrickse

Note: The Sherpa tribe is famous for guiding climbers up Mount Everest in the Himalayan Mountains.

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