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The Little Guy

Call us romantics if you want, but Sherpa still has a desire to help small businesses. Especially in these times. Maybe you know of a small business out there which can do with some marketing assistance?

While social media is not the answer to all marketing challenges, managed correctly it can go a long way to help smaller businesses to even the playing field.

Social media however is so busy and competitive that the days of just putting up a post and hoping for the best are long gone. Successful campaigns need an understanding of marketing, branding, PR and copywriting. Not just good copywriting – copywriting that works for social media. Then there’s social media protocol and peculiarities. And did you know that you can reach tens of thousands of your target audience with a very small budget? Or, do you know when to boost for engagement or reach?

Sherpa has now resourced the business with some young social media guns who are itching at the chance of working with some small businesses and delivering amazing results. They have been trained by Gary, Elsa and Claire who will always keep an eye on the accounts, providing expert direction and guidance.

(By the way, compliments to Elsa and Claire. They achieved fantastic results on a Facebook and LinkedIn campaign in the UK which was conceptualised and managed from Sherpa, Cape Town).

So here’s the deal.

If you know of a small business which could benefit from our expertise, we have a special surprise package waiting for them which will get them moving in one of THE most important spaces today.



Gary Hendrickse
Sherpa CEO & Brand Strategist

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency