Social Media is not cheap

Social Media is not cheap

It’s time and skill intensive

The days of letting an intern or somebody with some capacity manage your social media strategy – hence creating the impression that social media is “free” – are long gone.

Sherpa director Elsa Barnard says that businesses which still believe that they can simply create a profile or page and post disconnected content are damaging their brands.

“As recent as two years ago, we would offer our clients some guidance and then encourage them to manage the function in-house.  It’s no longer advisable today. Social media is now so competitive – there’s just not enough time to keep up.  For example, managing an active Twitter account can take up to 3 hours per day,” says Elsa.

Outside of keeping abreast of trends, the social media manager would typically be:

  • sourcing and arranging content
  • moderating posts
  • measuring performance
  • analysing behaviour, and
  • revising the plan on the fly.

Elsa says that the management of social media is one thing but having a multi-disciplined team behind the scenes is essential.

“It’s really about effective Content Marketing – building trust, branding, awareness and a positive sentiment.  To achieve this, you need an integrated mix of skills including brand, copy writing, design and PR in addition to understanding the channel well, be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other platforms.  Having these diverse skills – that’s about five different specialised, highly sought-after skills – behind you, means that anything less could make you uncompetitive,” warns Elsa.

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