Braai in the sky

Braai in the Sky

Braai in the sky

Sherpa gave a presentation on social media in Johannesburg recently, promising no tech-speak or marketing-jargon. The presentation was styled Braai in the Sky!

The audience had two things in common. One, all self-made, successful, middle-aged entrepreneurs. Two, mostly a little intimidated by technology. But after what they’d achieved in business, how could some geek look down on them because they didn’t meet the tech-savvy standards of today?

“The technology is a given, it’s there, no big deal. Then, there’s the market, the customers. The technology is just the platform, the link,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse. “And all you’re trying to do is to use the platform to have a conversation of sorts with your customers, looking to connect. Pretty simple.”

“Our message to our audience was not to be put off by any lack of tech-savvy. Rather, they should ask their teenage kid to help them or get somebody in the business that is on Facebook to be their administrator until they build some tech confidence. And focus on what they – the business owners – are brilliant at. That is, having relevant (and sometimes irrelevant discussions) with customers. In fact, just pretend that you’re standing around the braai with your customers with a glass in hand while somebody tends the fire!”

The message to the wider audience?
Don’t however assume that Facebook or Twitter is right for you. Like anything, you need to decide what you want to achieve and only then determine a social media strategy. It’s not as simple as throwing logs on the fire. So, Flickr or LinkedIn might also be options. Whatever you do, you need to have a decent website. Don’t just jump on the Facebook bandwagon – it’s not the only social media option and it’s not always appropriate.

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