It’s Just Cut & Paste

It’s Just Cut & Paste

Listening to our favourite strategy guru Sid Peimer gave us new insight into the fuzzy world of company vision, mission and values. Our conclusion is that it is… nonsense!

If you study these incredibly insightful statements of say 50 companies, you’ll find they are all very similar. Cut and paste.  I’m sure that execs don’t mean to be unimaginative, but how many ways can you say “innovative”, “trusted” or “leader”?  And, if you don’t say “trusted” does it mean you’re not to be trusted?

Recognise these statements?

Our vision
To be a leader in…
(Can you imagine the reverse? “Our vision is to suck as…”)

Our mission 
…outstanding value to our customers… superior returns to shareholders… promoting excellence, quality… client-centric… conducting our business in an innovative way…

(“We’re going to offer inferior value to our customers… negative returns for shareholders… promote performance mediocrity and encourage product returns… and stick to what worked in the 80’s…).

Our values

  • Ethical
  • People-focused
  • High quality
  • Caring
  • Trusted
  • Respect

Well, you figure the reverse of these attributes!

Now can you tell me with a straight face that Vision, Mission and Values really define an organisation and, yes, binds employees together?  Rather, spend the time figuring what your strategy is and getting your employees behind the strategy. If you do this right, you’ll greatly improve your chances of, yes, actually becoming a leader…

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