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You have three ideals when ordering your design from the menu; fast, cheap and great. You may be tempted to have your cake and eat it too, but when it comes to creative work, achieving all three is an impossible utopia that we can only dream of. The truth is that you may only choose two of the three, so choose wisely.

Let’s have a look at your options:

You need your design to be done, “Fast & Great”

You need your work done yesterday, but it must be brilliant. You ask your agency for a quote and they get it right back to you, but WOW, its expensive. This is because the agency will need all hands on deck to complete this task. They will work day and night, and maybe even hire some extra hands to help them out. Some of their other work may also suffer because of this tight deadline, so a higher fee will need to be asked to make these extraordinary measures feasible.

In most instances, the designer also needs to make sure that the work presented will work in an online environment. It’s not a case of knocking together pretty pictures.

You need your design to be done, “Cheap & Great”

You don’t have much of a budget, but you know the value of great design. You want the best of the best, but unfortunately you can’t afford it right now. Agencies are businesses too and they will need to prioritise the paying jobs over the ones that are not paying much. Your work will go on the back burner and will be done when the agency has some spare capacity. This means your design will take a while to be completed and you may miss your deadline.

You need your design to be done, “Cheap & Fast”

Your deadline is tight and your budget is even tighter. This is the least effective and sometimes even damaging choice. Your agency is forced to compromise quality in order to get your work done on time and within budget. Many agencies will not even accept this kind of work as it may be damaging to their reputation as well as to yours.

The idea is to manage your ideals and expectations based on the outcomes you require. Great design takes time and time is money. Remember that humans are visual beings and the way your business looks is a representation of its success. Great design is worth it.

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