The heads of people

the heads of people

The heads of people

The next level.

Think of a hundred Ford brands, all with black as the only colour choice for the car.

Most of the businesses that we’ve met over the years have not had a brand strategy. Yet, they’d spent a fortune saying the same things that their competitors were saying.

These days you’ve got all the tools to measure our performance in in the digital space. No question, the digital space is the place to be. But I wonder if we’re focusing more on impressions, click through rates et al than the actual message? Are you really connecting with people? Does your audience know how you differentiate from the others out these?

We spend so much time focusing on what we want to say about ourselves, our products and services that we tend to lose what’s going on in the heads (and hearts) of the very people we’d like to reach. In fact, we spend tens of thousands of rands missing these people.

No question, you must know the digital platforms intimately. You must understand the rules of engagement. It’s a fierce and complex battleground. But you also need to understand your brand intimately in order to differentiate or stand out in this competitive space. To know your brand, you need to get into the heads of your audience at another level.

Gary Hendrickse

CEO Sherpa

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