The one-page website

One page website

The one-page website

The one-page website fits in with the drive to simplicity and it’s also easier to scroll than to navigate. A simple website can forego menus and navigation associated with more complex websites.

A one-page website works best when you have a single-minded unique selling proposition to present which does not need much supporting evidence or convincing. For example, The Zero Interest Rate Mortgage Loan. That is pushing things a bit but you get the point. But whether you’re a financial advisor, plumber, bookkeeping or fashion designer with a small range, a one-pager website could be fine for your audience.

Here are some thoughts when considering your one-page website.

Stand out. 

If you’re spending less on a one-pager than you would on a complex website, the offer needs to be positioned perfectly. Spend more time with a brand strategist, website designer and copywriter to create the ultimate positioning because “simpler” does not mean that less skills are required, on the contrary.

Because a one-pager has limited real estate to present your story, what you present must resonate within seconds and that means your positioning, copy and design must be sublime.

Be found. 

A one-pager website reduces opportunities to create content, blogs, etc, all of which are needed to improve your rankings on search engines, and other important sales aids such as testimonials.

Although you’ve saved budget on the website build you will still need to invest in PPC and a strong and sustainable digital marketing campaign as the chances of attracting organic traffic are reduced.

The good news. 

Some of the advantages of a one-pager website include:

  • Possibility of more enquiries
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Speed to market
  • Faster loading times.
  • Weighing up the options.

The route that you take will be informed by your product or services, level of competition, marketing plan, scalability ambitions, and the attraction of your offer

Have a chat to us so that we all have a full picture so that we can guide you accordingly because that’s what Sherpa’s do.

Gary Hendrickse
CEO Sherpa Brand and Design

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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