The year of your brand

The year of your brand

The year of your brand

Have you got it?

Most businesses do not have a brand strategy. They probably have a corporate identity manual, marketing plan and sales budget but no brand strategy.

The lack of a brand strategy is weird given that brand touches, informs and influences every part of your business. The multi-national brands like Nike, Apple and all those other icons understand this. That’s why they’re iconic!

“Smaller businesses seldom understand the concept of brand. Many will think that their logo or vehicle signage is branding. When they get it, they set themselves apart from the pack. Then the fact that their competitors don’t understand brand gives them a massive competitor advantage,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Business owners also often get Marketing and Brand mixed up.

“Marketing is a linear or structured discipline which deals with the P’s of Marketing – Price, Product, Promotion and Place. Your brand is that intangible thing which connects most closely with your target audience – it’s what people associate you most with.  You need to get them working together, not in conflict as so often happens.”

Although a brand is intangible, it can be measured.

“We were delighted when one of our clients was rated Most Admired Brand in its sector for the second consecutive year. Interestingly, in the last two years they’ve shown profits not seen before. It didn’t happen by accident. We made a promise to our client three years ago and set very clear brand objectives. Everything we did – from website to promotions to internal communications to social media – had only one objective in mind, to deliver the most admired brand.”

Gary Hendrickse

CEO Sherpa

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