Thought Hunters and Farmers were dead?

Hunters and Farmers

Thought Hunters and Farmers were dead?

With the emphasis increasingly on attracting clients through Google and Facebook and with many believing that content marketing is the only solution to retaining customers,  it was refreshing to face a real sales problem recently.

A CEO was complaining to me that their new sales superstar was just not cutting it.  It was difficult to understand.  Their sales superstar-in-waiting had an impressive track record.  He knew the product, had a clear understanding of the industry.

But what job did they want this guy to do?

“We need somebody to break new ground, a Rainmaker. Our investment in new technology has opened new markets for us – we need to get in there,” ranted the CEO, gesturing to ‘there’ as if it was the Walls of Jericho.

It turns out that they’d appointed a Farmer. They actually needed a Hunter.  The table below shows just how wrong one can get it.

Loves to network, meet new people (read: prospects)Prefers to work closely with a few customers
OK at managing relations but gets a little jittery and bored when faced with same-oldGood at cross-selling, up-selling and generally retaining clients
Very innovative, nimble mind that recognises barriers and relentlessly pursues solutionsMethodical, relies on input and solutions from support service colleagues and even clients
Thrives on small or no basic, high commissionLikes a high basic, small commission
When hitting target, gives no credit for leads from Google, Facebook or other channels. When off-target, either moans about not getting enough leads or the pure quality of leads. But generally prefers to make his own luck.Generally sees the value in Content Marketing programmes to help in the retention, upselling and cross-selling process, but often nervous that it could usurp his or her role.

Moral of the story?

Don’t employ a Hunter when you actually need a Farmer and vice versa.

You also need to make sure that whatever else you’re doing – Facebook, Twitter, Content Marketing, SEO or whatever – makes sense when compared to your Sales objectives.

Contact Gary Hendrickse to make sure that whatever channels you’re using and investing in makes sense!

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