Tips to improve mailer stats

Tips to improve mailer stats

We can measure and improve your Open, Click Through, Hard and Soft Bounce, Abuse and Unsubscribe Rates of your bulk emails, but these are all influenced by some basic rules.

“Communications is a sophisticated game, especially in today’s online environment where detailed reporting stats provide the hard, unforgiving truth. You just can’t knock a mailer together and hope that it’s going to work. And if the stats are showing that it’s not working, then you need to understand the issues and fix it,” says Sherpa’s Amelia de Milander.

Here are some tips:

  1. People must obviously open their emails before they can read your message. To do so, you need to get past the spam filters. Avoid using spam-like words and phrases, but be sure to get a sense of how the spam filters work. No ALL CAPS and try not to use exclamation points!!!!
  2. If you’re getting too many hard bounces, chances are that your mailer list is old and outdated. Stay in touch (yep, with newsletters, mailers, etc.) with your clients at least once per quarter. Don’t panic on soft bounces and remove them from your list – the recipient may be on holiday or their mailbox is full.
  3. Make sure that the mailer comes from a trusted source. For example, a mailer coming from info@ or marketing@ is hardly personal nor trusted. If the mailer cannot be sent from the allocated salesperson or marketing executive, send it from the CEO.
  4. Keep the subject line simple, perhaps even boring. Don’t sell what’s inside, tell what’s inside.

“While we aim to get the basics right first off, it is a process of continuous improvement and it’s important that our client gets a sense of new media.”

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