Way With Words

Way With Words

Sherpa and Way With Words go back a long way, almost 10 years.

“Way With Words has always fascinated me, perhaps one of South Africa’s best-kept business secrets – an inspiring example of a South African company making its way in the world. In fact they don’t just hold their own, they lead,” says Sherpa CEO Gary Hendrickse.

Clients include the likes of Financial Times, Harvard University, Oxford University, BBC, the UK cabinet, SONY, GSK, Microsoft Research, PWC, TED Talks and National Geographic, to name but a few. Local clients include Primedia and Naspers.

While Way With Words has an international presence through its local offices for communications in London, Chicago, Vancouver and Sydney, the executive and operational team sit in Welgemoed, Cape Town. Hundreds of transcribers are scattered all over the world, including South Africa, US, UK, Asia and Europe. Clients are mostly found in the UK, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and throughout Europe.

Way With Words CEO and shareholder Adam Kossowski says that the business model has always been about locally built solutions for off-shore businesses. He believes that one of the reasons for the company’s success has been its ability to change and embrace the opportunities and push ideas that new technology brings.

“Our company has evolved over the years, essentially taking mundane administrative functions to a blue sky environment. Working primarily in a global market, there is little time to reflect on yesterday’s achievements. We’re now moving quickly towards a reintegration of business that involves both speech to text technology and people, developing new products and pursuing ideas and potentially exciting opportunities for a wide variety of solutions from medical diagnosis, biometric security to new mobility solutions that involve potential partnerships” says Adam.

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