It’s time your website worked for you

It's time your website worked for you

It’s time your website worked for you

What makes a great website?


For us, a great website comes down to two simple factors:

  • It must reflect the essence of your brand – what makes your company different?
  • It must leave your visitor in no doubt as to what you sell and what they can expect from you

We sometimes try too hard – we think that the visitor wants to know everything about our company. They actually don’t. If they like what your brand represents and sense that what you offer connects with them, they’ll talk to you. Remember, you only have seconds to connect.

Your website should also save you time by qualifying your prospects. Don’t be scared to state very clearly what kind of client you want to do business with. Neither you nor your website can be all things to all people.

How can you test whether your website is working for you or not?


Web analytics is simply what THEY – your customer or prospect – think of your website.

The stats will talk to you: How many visitors? What is the bounce rate? How many pages are they visiting? How much time are they spending on the website? What pages are they looking at? Where are you on the search engine rankings? Where are your visitors coming from?

Sherpa director Elsa Barnard says:

“For a website to be effective there’s a lot more to it than design, coding and functionality – these are basic skill requirements. It’s about helping the client to get the messaging right at all levels.”

Talk to Elsa about getting your web environment working for you.

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