What do they say?

What do they say?

Let’s find out how your clients are managing your brand.

Ending the year and going into a new year, maybe it’s time to find out what your clients actually think when your name pops up.
What they think is actually your brand. It follows that your clients own your brand.

What you do is influence the client’s thinking or emotion by delivering services in a certain way. Your Agency accentuates that thinking by making sure that the right messaging is being used – that’s why design and copywriting is such a big deal. But is the Agency projecting and saying the right things?

To find out what they think, consider doing some research. Research results can however often be manipulated according to various agendas, so one needs to carefully consider the methodology, sample size, etc. One also needs to be alert to nuances and make sure there is no bias.

Here are some of the approaches:

  1. Spontaneous reaction interview
    We invite spontaneous and minimally prompted reactions. The idea is to get what is top-of-mind from the client because that – for them – is your brand, it’s how they see you. From there, we’d most likely shift into a directed specific response interview and try to focus on a business feature:”What makes them modern and refreshing?”You can imagine that these short, spontaneous bursts can have a significant impact on not only your communications strategy but also the processes and people within your business. Or, it could mean that you’re on the right track.
  2. Directed response interviews
    This is a good way to determine whether a strategy or plan is working and on track. The questions might seem general but are directed to the strategy. As scary as it might be, go straight to the project or strategy objectives:”Do you find the staff friendly? Did you get the advice you were looking for?”
    “Do our new reports make life easier for you?”
    “Do you know of any other company offering this service?”In the first instance, the company might have invested significant funds in staff training, staff motivation, selection and performance management interventions. In the second scenario, months of resource might have been ploughed into process and systems development. Is it working for the clients? Thirdly, what’s the point of being first-to-market if nobody knows it? Done correctly, research can be used to refine your business and make sure that your strategy and budget is focused behind the important issues.

Contact Gary if you need to check whether what you think and what they think are the same.

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