What’s your favourite strapline?

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What’s your favourite strapline?

Sherpa’s Gary Hendrickse chooses his 3 all-time favourite straplines.

1. Just do it.

It embodies a state of mind. You don’t have to be an athlete to be in shape or take on obstacles. If you really want to do it, just do it. Brilliant!

2. Think different

No longer used but sales rocketed when this strapline was used. Apple had not even launched a new product at the time. It just gave the average computer user a sense of feeling, well, different and tech savvy.

3. De Beers. Diamonds are forever.

The natural association between the product and a relationship. Special. Enduring. Captures the sentiment brilliantly.

“It is interesting to note that one aspect of what makes a good strapline – a key benefit – is, at first glance, missing from the iconic lines of Nike, Apple and De Beers. The others are all there. They are all memorable, they differentiate and they all impart a positive feeling about the brand,” says Gary

On closer examination, Gary points out that the key benefits are actually intangible as they all connect with a state of mind.

Great brands know what’s going through the minds of their target audience and connect at a deep level. The emotion experienced through association with a brand is an intangible benefit. This is what makes my all-time best brands so special.”

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