What’s in your head?

What's in your head

What’s in your head?

When it comes to corporate identity design, why is there often such a mismatch between what Agency presents and what’s in your head?

It is very frustrating – the Agency has just presented its zillionth design option and it still doesn’t ring your bell. I think the war cry is: “It doesn’t talk to me!”

It’s not supposed to talk to you – it is supposed to talk to your market.
Or, the old war cry: “Give me something more creative. Jeez, you’re the creative people!!”
How many iconic logos out there could really be described as creative? What is creative?

At Sherpa, we’ve decided not to design corporate identity elements unless the client has a decent brand architecture in place which describes the brand. Or, we’ll work with them on developing a coherent brand architecture. Without this, we are trying to guess what is in the head of the client. Often, there are three or four decision-makers on the client side and each has something else in their heads.

In a scenario like this, nobody wins. The project drags for months. What started as a butterfly on a flower ends like a bulldog eating porridge. Messy. Untidy.

Your corporate identity reflects the personality of your brand. Your brand personality separates your “tribe” from all the others out there – make sure that design does not become a subjective exercise which reflects only what’s in your head.

If you’re not sure whether your corporate identity still resonates with your market, please contact us and let’s chat.

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