Going bald and paunchy?

When performance drops

Going bald and paunchy?

Recapture the future.

Microsoft is currently going through a path of revival and possibly even a renaissance of sorts. They felt that the competition was starting to define them.

Closer to home, is your company moving into middle age funk along with a receding hairline and paunchy waste?

The classic signs of a company entering its mid-life crisis includes loss of innovation, stagnant growth and onerous bureaucracy among others. That fresh brand which shone so brightly starts to flicker, becoming fainter as the burden of everyday life replaces the promise of tomorrow. Once this cycle catches on its often too difficult and even painful to fight back and recapture the future. Yes, recapture the future (not the past).

As problematic as recapturing the future can be, it needs to be done.

When performance drops, one often calls in management consultants who buy some time by trimming costs and improving efficiencies. This approach is traditional and may well be right in certain instances. In my view however, processes are designed to deliver a customer experience. Given that the closest thing to the customer is the brand, why don’t we start at the brand first when revitalising a company? At least we’d get in tune with the market again, which is where the renaissance starts.

Gary Hendrickse
Sherpa CEO and Brand Strategist

Sherpa Brand & Design Agency
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