When to revitalise your brand

When to revitalise your brand

When to revitalise your brand

There are a number of reasons to revitalise one’s brand. We often find that many of the factors overlap.

1. Professional

When a start-up enters the market, they often do not have budget for professional designers to work on their corporate identity. So the family and friends get involved and out pops a logo. It’s often a cute or nice logo (nice is for cupcakes not logos, by the way) and can be designed around personal preferences, be that for colour or style etc.  As the company grows, they decide to modernise the logo. It is not easy because there is a lot of emotion tied up in the original logo.

2. Online Offer

As a company embraces e-commerce, it soon becomes pretty apparent that their current corporate identity belongs to a bygone era. It is best to build the e-commerce platform with the future in mind, transferring the changes to the offline or traditional applications.

3. Outdated Design

In the 80’s it seemed that every graphic designer had a thing for the swish. You could not escape the swish. Today, you’ll still see a swish on material and it is generally greeted with collective groans by designers. Not wishing to offend the client, the conversation often goes like this: “No, no – don’t worry. It was great at the time. The swish was popular and we can see why you fell head over heels in love with it. We’re just going to tweak it a bit for you.” Sounds like a gentle trim but generally ends up a makeover!

4. Sluggish Growth

When your market is growing but you’re stagnating, there could be a number of reasons and one of them could be that you’ve lost touch with your market. You’re moving out of the game. You’ll need to look a little beyond just a makeover. We recommend a brand strategy is needed which forces you to look outside-in again, putting you in touch with your clients and prospects again.

5. Audience Shift

Apart from area demographics which can change, consumer and attitudes also change. With these changes comes new expectations which can stretch to how they’d like to associate with you. One of the areas they associate with is your corporate identity. It might sound shallow but what happens if they want to associate with “modern, new world, sophisticated” and your brand still proudly flies that dreaded swish mentioned earlier.

6. New Vision

It is not uncommon to create a new vision and direction for a company – the world is moving at a rapid space. New business models. Threats and opportunities that were not apparent a year or so ago become urgent opportunities. The vision of a company logically informs all areas of a brand strategy, including the brand personality. The brand personality will mostly influence design approach.

“After the Excel spreadsheet, the brand is arguably the greatest business invention yet – keep your brand relevant,” says Gary.

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