Why bosses must never design logos

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Why bosses must never design logos

The Isaac Newton-inspired logo for Apple, designed by Steve Jobs and one of the founders, Ronald Wayne lasted for just one year until the iconic logo emerged.

As brand strategists and designers, one is often faced with The Boss briefing Agency on what he or she likes best. What works for them. We cringe when The Boss says “…it must talk to me…” Folks, its not supposed to talk to you, it is meant to clearly define what you mean to them, your customers.

Now let’s not take a gap and misinterpret them please. The them is not your spouse, golf buddies or even your Board of directors. You’re now piling up a wobbly and subjective mound. The them is your customers or target audience. End of discussion.

Brands are not curious diversions from mundane operational and financial pursuits. A brand is the greatest business tool since the Excel spreadsheet, although I would elevate the brand to pole position.

What The Boss should be intimately involved in is working with Agency to craft the brand strategy because from there, everything else flows. The Boss can then evaluate logos presented against the brand strategy with Agency enjoying clear direction. This means that The Boss makes a purely objective decision and gives the brand a chance to connect with them.

Ronald Wayne left Apple at an early stage, rewarded with a small pay out and a case study of how not to design a logo. Steve Jobs? Well, I guess he kind of redeemed himself – a brand and marketing genius!

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