Let’s get brutal

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Let’s get brutal

As the digital world streaks ahead at a brutal pace, the gap between Owner (i.e. website owner) and User (i.e. visitor to the website) is growing. Traditionally, the web design and development company sat in the middle.

Well, we cannot be neutral any more. In fact, we can’t even be on your side. Sorry. We’re on the side of your users – the people that are visiting your website. You see, to be on your side we can’t be on your side. Make sense?

Here’s how you might want to help us close that gap between Owner and User.

  • Get brutal, strip down. Roughly translated, less is more. Consumers have an ever-decreasing attention span. Over 55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. If your core content is hard to find or overwhelmed with sideshows, the user will go somewhere else. Your website is not a library, archive or product manual.
  • Less doesn’t always mean less. Especially when it comes to budgets. Think about why quality adverts cost money. A mountain of content is condensed into 30 seconds. We need to work with you to find the one or two aspects of your business that encourages your visitor to stay beyond 15 seconds on your website. We need to figure how we stop them going elsewhere.
  • The brand experience. Over 50% of visitors say that their experience of a website directly affects their impression of your brand. You don’t want your brand associated with perceptions such as long-winded, disorganised, slow, lacking in focus, ignoring consumer behavior, inaccessible, self-indulgent etc.

The rate of change in the digital space and technology is breathtaking and feeds into and off changes in consumer behavior. Let’s close the gap and see the world from your clients’ point of view.

Contact Elsa Barnard and we’ll help you to keep your brand and business relevant in the fast-paced digital environment.

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