From a book to a business

You've Earned It!

From a book to a business

Four years or so ago, Marilyn Hallett approached Sherpa to help her with her dream.

She’d published a book called You’ve Earned It! which listed discounts and benefits from companies available to over 60’s. She needed help in turning a book into a business, which meant taking You’ve Earned It! online.

Marilyn soon learnt that it was far more challenging than simply creating a website.  Sherpa agreed to become involved and today has a 49% share in You’ve Earned It!

“It’s a complex business model. One needs enough listings to attract interest and traffic. If you get enough traffic, you can attract advertisers which is where your revenue comes from,” says Gary Hendrickse, CEO of Sherpa.

Essentially, there are three sales, marketing and communications plans which run concurrently. For Directory Listings (companies offering discounts and benefits), for Beneficiaries (the over 60’s) and for Advertisers ( typically, corporates wanting to target the over 60’s).

It takes time but YE! / Sherpa are getting it right. Last month, the website earned a massive 42 000 impressions!!

Today, You’ve Earned It! is starting to break through and has attracted advertisers such as Nedbank, Mediclinic, Clicks, Mango, Game, Blue Train and Personal Trust.

YE! offers a win-win  for all parties involved.  Companies – big or small – get their services onto a national platform free of charge, larger companies can target a market with defined needs and importantly, struggling pensioners get to save money.



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